Club Captain Scott Hutton is asking that Dubai Exiles members come forward to take part in the Finding your Feet Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge in December to raise money for a charity close to his heart after his sister has suffered a major trauma. See message below from Scott;

Dear all,

As many of you know, my family has recently gone through a fairly major trauma whereby my sister, Corinne, had a quadruple amputation (both hands and legs) as a result of septicaemia. Corinne is 43. A few days after her operation she set about starting a charity to help others who suffer from similar conditions and results. To kick this charity off, I hope many of you will join me in raising money by way of the Dubai 92 cycle challenge. More about the event later, first some more background on Corinne and what she wants to achieve.

In June of this year Corinne was admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia. Within 20 hours she had contracted septicaemia and suffered total organ failure. At that point the doctors suggested she had only a 5% chance of survival. Fortunately Corinne was accepted into a programme called ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) which treats acute respiratory and cardio-respiratory disease. The ECMO unit is based in Leicester and she was flown down for immediate, life saving treatment. There is no doubt that the ECMO treatment saved Corinne’s life! (For more info on ECMO see

Corinne stayed in the ECMO unit for approximately 2 weeks and then was transferred back to Glasgow. Unfortunately, the illness and the treatment affected her extremities in a similar way to frostbite and ultimately resulted in a quadruple amputation. Corinne’s legs were amputated below the knee and both hands from the wrist.

Corinne has been incredibly brave through the various surgeries. She saw the surgeries as necessary to get rid of the bad bits and only then could she start to recover. So far she has had 4 major surgeries spending 30 or 40 hours in theatre with probably two more to come. She has accepted her position and is now keen to move forward with prosthetics and hopefully bionic hands. There is a world class Bionics manufacturer in Livingstone ( and we are hopeful of supplying Corinne with bionic hands for the rest of her life.

She is a devoted mother who wants to get out of hospital so she can be a mummy again. She had her first trip out of hospital a couple of weeks ago when she went to her son Rory’s first day of school. That was a really big hurdle for her as it was the first time she had met strangers as an amputee.

Corinne was very active and healthy before the illness and regularly set herself challenges which were invariably done for charity – especially kids charities. Some of the challenges Corinne has completed for charity are:

• The New York marathon (CHAS – Children’s Hospice)
• Glasgow Half marathon (CHAS)
• Cycled the Great Wall of China (Maggie’s Cancer Care)
• Trekked the Himalayas (Maggie’s Cancer Care)
• Maggie’s Monster (31 mile cycle and 41 mile hike)
• Rob Roy Challenge (16 mile hike and 39 mile cycle)
• The Kiltwalk (26 miles from Hampden to Loch Lomond for Scotland’s Children)

As you can see from these examples, Corinne is an outdoor enthusiast and we really want to see her back walking the hills and riding a bike. At this stage, it is too early to gauge how she will get on but with her attitude and spirit I would be very surprised if she is not back fundraising for charity again in the near future.

We are currently in the process of setting up a charity to assist Corinne and others in similar positions. Corinne has now asked that the purpose of the charity is for the support of the ECMO unit and its patients and amputees and she hopes to push the charity forward herself as soon as she is fit and able. We expect Corinne to become a real ambassador and help others going through what she is currently going through. Corinne chose to name the charity “Finding your Feet”, which I think gives some idea of her personality.

Corinne is a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend who will want to help others again as soon as she is able. She is a terrific woman with an amazing attitude. It is still very early in Corinne’s recovery but we are all really excited to see her back on her feet, as it were!

In terms of the event, there is an annual Cycle challenge in Dubai on December 13th, which is a 92Km ride supported by large local companies whereby cycling enthusiasts from Dubai and the surrounding region all ride together on police escorted roads. Ideally we will enter a team, to all raise money for Corinne’s charity.

If you are interested in taking part, please register on and let me know. I will sort out some team kit and other fund raising opportunities in due course. I have registered for the race and 4 warm up events or time trials (the first is on Friday 6 September).

Thanks to everyone for the support my family and I have been given and Corinne and I hope to see you on the start line and, more importantly, at the finish line. Please wait for me!!! I would be grateful if you would forward this on to anyone you think might be interested.

All the best,


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