Sports Carnival

The Ethiopian Ministry of Sports have started an exciting new schools initiative in Addis Ababa. Each school will compete to become the Addis Ababa Champion in various events including football, basketball, volleyball as well as Tug of War and 100-meter, 500-meter and 1000-meter track distances. For the younger children there will be an egg and spoon race. Each school will enter a team of female, male and teacher teams. The students and staff of RAEY are very excited to get in on the act and are thrilled to have received donated sports kits from the Dubai Exiles Rugby Club.

Some of the donated kits still need to be transported to Ethiopia and we are also hoping for more donations of sports shoes before we can get the next load to the school.

An official statement by the Ethiopian Ministry for Sports says that the aim of the championship is to “create all rounded youth who will help to transform the future of Ethiopia from backwardness and poverty into prosperity and democracy.” The Ministry goes on to recognise that sport is a “gateway to empowering youth; it encourages mental and physical development, team spirit and participation. It also establishes patriotism and nurtures respect for the cultural and values of our country.”