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2017/18 SEASON

Mini and Youth training for the 2017/18 season will start on Friday 15th September at 7he Sevens ground. Below is a summary of the training times and pitch allocations for each squad. If you are new to Dubai or new to Dubai Exiles, please do come along on the 15th Septembe for a taster session.

These pitch allocations are subject to change.  Please check boards on arrival to the stadium.

See also below a location map. and a pitch map for the ground.

Club Training Schedule for 2017/18 season


8.00-  9.00

8.00-9.30 9.00-10.30 9.30-11.00 10.30-12.00 17.30-19.00 17.45-19.15 19.00-20.30 19.15-20.45
Pitch 2  U5/U6/U7 U12 girls
U15 girls
U19 girls
Adult Touch
Pitch 3  U8/U9  U12/U1 3
Pitch 8 U10/U11  U14/U16
Pitch 2  Men
Pitch 3  U16/U19 girls
Pitch 2 U11/U13  Adult Touch
Pitch 3 U12/U14
Pitch 8 U9/U10
Pitch 2  Men


Map June 2015. updated