Welcome to the Exiles Cricket Academy (ECA), part of Dubai Exiles RFC “The oldest and most established club in the Gulf”. The ECA nurtures the cricketing stars of tomorrow.

We are a Dubai Cricket Council (DCC) certified children’s academy and pride ourselves by providing our academy with world class facilities and high quality equipment helping our academy evolve in line with international standards and processes. Coaching is performed by qualified ECB (English Cricket Board), ICC (International Cricket Council) coaches and experienced players.

This is the entry level to what will hopefully become a long and fruitful career of cricket both inside and outside of the Exiles Cricket Academy. The emphasis throughout is for the boys and girls to enjoy their cricket while at the same time learning the basic skills and gaining an aptitude for the game.

Our Mission

Our mission is pure and simple; to provide a world class academy experience that develops all age groups while having minimal costs to parents. Providing turf cricket with world class facilities, planting the seed for lifelong friendships and a love for the beautiful game. Providing advanced coaching techniques by engaging people who are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated to coach and develop youth, promoting the game across all communities in Dubai and internationally.

Non Profit Organisation

In an environment of academies where the main focus is normally profit, our main focus is instead the  “development of the game”. We are an audited component of the Dubai Exiles RFC and pride ourselves as a non profit organisation.